CleanupArmy: No more trash in public spaces and nature!

Not all national authorities are able to clear the governed area from rogue trash that defaces the public space and natural environment. However, the general population does not capitulate and has shown heart to stand up against the ugly trash problem. This empowerment is reflected in the contemporary culture of social media, in which the #trashtag challenge (public cleanups) went viral (BBC, 2019). One particular impressive case of public cleanup is given by Mumbai beach, where 5.3 million kg of trash was removed from a 2.5km coastline (CNN, 2017). CleanupArmy was inspired by such heroic public cleanup efforts (e.g. by Drici Tani Younes, Afroz Shah) and came up with an idea to maximize the evidently available potential. The project idea – an app – is presented in the video below.

No more trash in public places and nature. We are building the Cleanup Army!

Posted by CleanupArmy on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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