Our goals, aspirations, and competencies 


Crowdsourcing for effective democracy and societal triumph! (check article)


No more trash in public spaces and in nature!

Why us:


Half Chinese half German, 28 years old, studied psychology and educational science, living in Enschede

Andreas Beer

Founder // UX design
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Bangladeshi, 38 years old, following career in computer science, proud husband and father of two children, living in Dhaka

Rafiqul Islam

Founder // Technical Director

Most importantly, our personal mindset and professional skills are aligned to the vision and mission. While there are many exciting goals to pursue, to us, nothing is as exhilarating as the pursuit of societal triumph.


From the professional perspective, Andreas has his background in psychology (bachelor degree) and is currently concluding his studies in educational science and technology (master degree). Understanding people and communicating understanding belong to his core competencies. Rafiq on the other hand, has already successfully built his career around the development of advanced computer systems. Beside his core competency in technological architecture, he has more than a decade of experience in project analysis and management.


Because our individual professional skills do not only highly match our vision, but are also firmly aligned and welded together by our shared mindset, we make a extraordinary fit to realize the aspired triumph.