Digital crowdsourcing and CSR technology 

The next milestone on CleanupArmy’s mission is the release of our prototype on the 1st of September 2020. Currently, we are looking for partnerships that can help us pilot the prototype and allow us to proof our value.

Local municipalities:

Let CleanupArmy crowdsource trash monitoring and citizen volunteers at your location. We can partner up if you want to support citizens’ cleanup events through your local waste management assets (e.g. equipment, trash fleet, facilities), or if you intend to use the trash monitoring data for policy making and public duty.


Non-Governmental Organizations:

We invite you to use our prototype to identify cleanup targets and recruit volunteers for your next events. In the process, we would love your feedback to improve the value of our product. If you confirm your interest, we will acquire users at your location.



Our prototype is not yet optimized for the scaled and systematic documentation of CSR impact. If you want to sponsor our piloting activities anyway, we can manually match you with the right citizen cleanups or NGO events, and discuss the specifics. Alternatively, you can also sponsor the development of our full product and eternalize yourself on our credits page.

Thank you for your inquiry! We will be in touch with you shortly.