Municipal solid waste: Key characteristics of the industry and UN goals

CleanupArmy partakes in the waste management industry that is centered around municipal solid waste. In order to more concretely explain how CleanupArmy can add value to this industry segment, key characteristics and goals of the industry are outlined below.


Key activities and characteristics:
      • Waste collection: Uptake of the waste at the location of emergence
      • Waste transport: Coordinated transport of waste to processing facilities
      • Waste disposal: Removal through reuse, recycling, incineration or landfill

For financing these activities, the polluter-pays principle is most commonly followed. For example, households may be required to pay tax based on the amount of discarded waste. Removal of litter and illegal dumps on the other hand, are paid for by public funds, if available. Currently, over two billion people are not served by the industry due to developing public institutions and and chronic under-resourcing.


United Nations goals (UN, 2015):
      • Position waste management as an area requiring urgent action, and call for policy and decision makers to take such action.
      • Identify policies and governance strategies for sound waste management
      • Examine the available approaches to waste management financing and set out a framework for establishing a sustainable financing model in a particular local situation