Digital crowdsourcing and CSR technology 

Our services mainly revolve around the removal of open, uncontrolled waste dumps. In order to scale the clean up of the world from uncontrolled dumps, CleanupArmy uses crowdsourcing technology to align the heart and manpower of the people to the needs and resources of the public sector and corporates (CSR).


For key activities of the industry:
      • Waste collection: CleanupArmy crowdsources the location and properties of litter and open dumps, and offers a platform for NGOs and citizens to aid local waste collection
      • Waste transport: Local trash fleets can effectively route their activities to occurrences of litter and open dumps, as monitored and collected by the CleanupArmy crowd
      • Waste disposal: CleanupArmy creates business for the waste disposal industry, as the localized public attention to waste pollution can drive public budget and corporate CSR spending


For United Nations goals (UN, 2015):
      • Call for urgent action: Every citizen (especially those in polluted areas) can use CleanupArmy to channel their demand for a clean public space and environment
      • Governance: Policy makers can base their strategy on live waste monitoring data obtained from CleanupArmy, and use the digitally pooled public attention as political backing
      • Local financing: CleanupArmy aims to connect clean up efforts by government institutions, NGOs and volunteers to corporate CSR needs and resources in a scaled manner